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Ben Gearhart

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Ben Gearhart


Ben is a Waterloo, Iowa Native, however has lived in the Denver area for over 20 years since CU-Boulder brought him here for business school in 1999. After graduating from the Leeds School of Business Ben started working with one of the largest home healthcare and home medical equipment companies in the US. He worked with the company for approximately 5.5 years and ended up transitioning from the company when they sold there medical equipment company to Walgreens in 2008. This led Ben to a new career path in Real Estate and Real Estate Finance which was always his true passion, but timing wasn't any better then 2008 ... said nobody. However, this was a great time for learning the business from the ground up and really making an impact in all facets of the business including, brokerage, finance and development over the last decade in a regional capacity. Ben has always had a passion for work, but more importantly is his passion for providing and spending time with his family which is his wife Anna, their two boys Asher and Abram and their 10 year old German Shepherd Stella. They are the reason for his unyielding motivation and hard work, and they help provide prospective to be able to give and help families that are less fortunate. Ben's relationship with God and his inspiration from the talented staff with WWM, has given him the energy and excitement to help in anyway possible to further the message and purpose of WWM.