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Volunteer Application

volunteer application


would you like to become a volunteer?

Our organization encourages the participation of volunteers who support our mission! If you agree with our mission and are willing to be interviewed and trained (if necessary), we encourage you to complete this application. The information on this form will be kept confidential and will help us find the most appropriate volunteer opportunity for you. 


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One or more personal references with contact information; and one or more professional or work-related references with supervisor's name and contact information. These should be people who know you well and can attest to your character, skills, and dependability.
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Conviction of a crime is not an automatic disqualification for volunteer work.
I understand that this is an application for and not a commitment or promise of volunteer opportunity. As a volunteer of our organization I agree to abide by the policies and procedures. I understand that I will be volunteering at my own risk and that the organization, its employees and affiliates, cannot assume any responsibility for any liability for any accident, injury or health problem which may arise from any volunteer work I perform for the organization. I agree that all the work I do is on a volunteer basis and I am not eligible to receive any monetary payment or reward. I certify that I have and will answer all questions to the best of my ability and that I have not and will not withhold any information that would unfavorably affect my application for a volunteer position. I understand that misrepresentations or omissions may be cause for my immediate rejection as an applicant for a volunteer position with Walk With Me or my termination as a volunteer. (Type full name below to sign)